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Moving & Packing Tips

Pre-Packing Checklist
• Create an inventory of your home.
• Make a list or video tape of your possessions
• Separate valuables that will not be loaded on the truck, such as jewelry and documents.
• Dispose of items you no longer want: make a donation or have a garage sale.
• Purchase or Gather boxes, tape, packing paper, markers and other packing supplies.

Packing Tips
• Don't underestimate how much you really own ¬ start packing several weeks before your planned move date.
• Pack items that you don't use often 1st.
• Number & Label each box where it will go in your new home.
• Keep a list of boxes by number, so you'll know right away if any are missing..
• Professional packing tape should be used. Duct Tape & Masking Tape breaks easily.
• Pad tops & bottoms of boxes with plenty of paper, tissue or cloth.
• Use Clean paper when needed. Old newspaper is fine for some items, but can rub off on others.
• Print "FRAGILE" on boxes with breakable items.
• Pack boxes tightly. If it rattles or makes noise, the contents could be damaged while in transit.
• Blankets and other soft items can be used to fill these gaps to ensure a safely packed box.
• Never pack flammable items, such as fuel, aerosols or cleaning supplies. 

Beds: Take apart bed frames and bundle together with tape or rope. Cover mattresses & box springs with plastic or blankets to keep clean.
Bikes: Lower and turn handlebars to save space. Clean wheels, chains, and pedals to avoid soiling other items.
Books: Use small boxes, and alternate spine and open sides laying flat in the box. You may also choose to use paper to fill empty gaps.
Bottles: Tape bottles shut and wrap in paper to prevent damage. Bottles can be placed in plastic bags for extra protection..
Dressers & Chest/Drawers: If you plan to leave items inside, make sure to pad the inside well so that things do not rattle around or make noise. Then cover with blankets & tape or rope to secure the drawers.
Chairs: Wrap the arms and legs with padding to prevent scratching. Chairs without arms can be secured together with tape or rope in pairs, seat to seat.
China: Wrap china in clean packing paper and place in boxes sectioned off with specially designed dish packs.
Clothing: The quickest and easiest way to move hanging clothes are in wardrobe containers or in clean sheets or blankets (burrito wrap).
Small Appliance & Electronics: Use original carton and foam packing whenever possible. This includes stereos, computers, etc... Bubble wrap, paper, blankets may also be used if packing in new carton.
Heavy Items: When necessary, individually wrap tools, canned goods and other small heavy items before placing in boxes.
Lamp Shades: Always place in padded cartons separated with paper to avoid getting dirty & damaged.
Washer & Dishwashers: Remove hoses and place padding between tub and sides to avoid movement while in transit.
Refrigerators: Defrost and air dry before loading. Allow 24-hours settling time before plugging in at destination.
Gas Appliances: Contact your local gas company for disconnection and capping.
Lawnmowers/Snow blowers: Remove all gas and oil completely before loading onto truck.
Mirrors & Glass: X the tape crisscrossed both sides when possible to absorb vibration while in transit to prevent breakage. Pad generously before placing in cartons. Always stand on end and never lay them flat.
Rugs: Roll them up and secure with shrink wrap or rope.
Soft Goods: Pack soft goods in pillows, towels, or blankets separated by layers to cushion them.
Statues & Figurines: Wrap in bubble wrap or paper.
Stemware: Individually wrap. Cushion inside and out and place in a dish pack carton.
Tables: Remove legs and tie them together, if possible. Store hardware in a bag and tape to the underside of the table.

Items Prohibited from Loading:
• Aerosol Cans
• Ammunition
• Cleaning Supplies
• Gasoline
• Oil
• Insecticides
• Bleach
• Live Plants
• Loaded Firearms
• Matches/Candles
• Paint Thinners/Solvents
• Perishable Goods
• Propane Tanks
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