About Us

A young Army Lieutenant’s parcel which he sent to London, UK in 1977 on the marriage of his best friend and class fellow was lost on its way and never found again. The parcel consisted of a beautiful handmade purse for the bride, decorated with white zircon stones, and a pair of shoes for the groom, decorated with matching stones. These specially made expensive gifts (that he had spent lots of his savings to buy from an Asian country) were supposed to be delivered as a surprise on a lifetime event of his bosom friend. The loss of this “love parcel” touched his emotions deeply and never went off his memory but became the cause of the birth of Pilot Courier Ltd; at his retirement, aiming to raise one of the most reliable courier and cargo companies in the world with the best price as an excellent alternative to the major international courier and cargo companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, Purolator by providing up to 70% discount on their original prices from all the cities of USA and Canada since June 2007 while enjoying 4.99 rating which speaks of the trust of our worldwide customers in Pilot Courier. Pilot Courier Ltd; equipped with modern technology and highly trained staff undertakes National & International shipping deliveries to more than 66,000 destinations, of course, with the best courier prices and cargo rates with excellent service standards of the industry, may it be its air cargo deliveries or ocean freight shipping.

Trust is a critical factor in why individuals and groups purchase the first time and keep coming again and again. Pilot Courier has strictly followed this golden principle with pride and earned the trust of our happy customers, the result … an ever-growing list of happy customers.