We offer several  (express and economy) courier and cargo services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses of small to medium size


We provide highly discounted FedEx services, DHL services, UPS services, Purolator services, and services of all major international couriers and cargo companies from all the cities of the USA and Canada with free pickup (of express service) and delivery. Our record of providing the best courier rates and best cargo rates has been exemplary since 2007. Our economy services rates from the USA to Canada and Canada to the USA, similarly from Canada and the USA to India, Pakistan, China, and some selected European countries are exemplary.


When time is short, the Airfreight services are the right answer. We have the expertise, experience, and flexibility to offer the right solution in different situations that you may face. Regardless of what are you shipping, Hi-Tech, Hi-Value, Pharma, or DG goods, we are there for you 24/7. Some of our expertise includes domestic and international shipping of:

  • General Cargo
  • Oversized cargo
  • OBC Services
  • Express Door–to–Door
  • Aircraft Charter (Full)


When shipping costs are the most important factor for your shipping needs, our sea freight services will help meet your supply chain goals!. Though we ship to/from all the world, we offer special rates for shipping from China to USA and Canada and Shipping from India to the USA and Canada and v.v. Some of our international ocean freight services include:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)
  • Consolidation Services
  • Breakbulk Shipments
  • Incoterms FOB, DDP, EXW, CIF, CFR, DPU, DAP, etc. are our specialty.


Overland transportation services take many variables into account, for example, equipment availability, safety & security, weather, infrastructure challenges, and regulatory requirements when operating intra-province/state as well as cross-border. We have the knowledge and expertise of domestic and cross-border logistics solutions, based on integrated ground transportation (railroad & water) services including inter-model solutions. A matter of great satisfaction and ease for our customers that we only rely on trusted transportation partners to keep your supply chain rolling domestically and internationally. Our expertise includes:

  • Full Truck Load (FTL) Services.
  • Less-than-Truck Load (LTL) services, consisting of pallets, skids, boxes, crates, and cartons.
  • Intermodal Services To/ from Ports.
  • Shipping cars and trucks by rail or road.


We have knowledgeable, reliable, and highly professional custom clearance brokers and agents as our partners who provide free consultation plus custom clearance services at competitive fees in the USA and Canada. Deliveries at cheaper rates can also be arranged if so needed as part of our logistics support for warehousing & distribution.