Welcome to Pilot Courier Ltd. Import and Export Economy rates of courier services to selected countries are available.
Pilot Courier LTD.

Recent years witnessed a phenomenal growth of Courier Services. Unfortunately most of them put further burdon on the pockets of their customers by increasing out of proportional prices of their services on the plea of 'high oil prices'.

While market economies prized competition, efficiency and productivity, the customers needed keeping pace with the speed of time. Though courier services initiated designing of specialized products for different segments of customers but non being ready to cut down their profits.

"Necessity is mother of invention" came into play and idea of PILOT COURIER LTD. was conceived in 2005 by the chairman of the company who happened to be an ex-combat pilot and earner of the Distinction Medal in his service as well as winner of the UNO (United Nation Organization) Good Service Medal while serving in different countries for UNO. A new international company was born, well equipped with modern technology to face the challenges of courier and cargo industry.

We were no longer able to shield behind the existing monopolies. The turf was open for competition, we, welcomed by the customers, rose to the need of the occasion and managed to claim vital chunk of the business in short span of time on the basis of our policy "The best price and best service hand in hand". We have launched an array of customer oriented products and services and are efficiently serving over 6,000 cities of 200 countries by air and sea and still growing fast...Thanks to our clients.

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